WTAY knows that operating, managing, and/or working for a wilderness tourism business can be challenging--so we want to help!

Below is a list of resources that we think are relevant for ensuring a safe, respectful, and exciting wilderness experience for you and your clients.  Clicking on an item will bring you to a new page with additional information.

If you know of a resource that might benefit your fellow industry members, please feel free to contact the office and we will add it to the list.

Important Information for Operators

* Wilderness Tourism Licensing Act
* Commercial Liability Insurance
* Yukon Emergency Contact List, edited June 2022
* Territorial Park Permits
* Yukon Environmental & Socio-economic Assessment Board

Important Information for WTAY Members Considering Cross Border Operations

WTAY has developed a comprehensive package of information that outlines requirements for Yukon based wilderness tourism companies that are planning to operate outside of the Territory. This information is specific to B.C., Northwest Territories, Canada's National Parks and Alaska. Please contact the WTAY office at 668-3369 or if you would like to receive this document. This information is only available to current WTAY members.

Business Funding Sources for WTAY Members 

WTAY has developed an extensive document that outlines a variety of funding sources available to WTAY members. These funds are largely government programs and provide monies for marketing & advertising, student employment, university co-op & mentorship programs, employee and owner training, business development, First Nations projects and more. Details include a brief outline of the fund, who manages it, web links and contact details.

Any member wishing to further develop their business, expand their capabilities, that requires employee training, who wants to access the skills and education of university students or wishes to develop a First Nations project will find this document useful.

The document is only available to specific WTAY members (Full members and Affiliate members) and can be obtained by requesting it from the office.

Information About Yukon's First Nations

* Yukon First Nations Tourism & Culture Association (YFNCT)
The YFNCT website is an excellent source for cultural and interpretive centres, festivals, attractions, experiences, and art.
* Yukon First Nation Governments
Information and links for First Nation governments, contacts, traditional territories and languages.

Market Research

* Yukon Wilderness Tourism Status Report (2008)
* Peel Watershed Tourism & Recreation Report (2008)
* Yukon Tourism Indicator Results
* Wilderness Tourism Best Management Practices for Heritage Resources (2009)
* Destination Canada Research

Environmental Links

* Yukon Road Conditions
* Yukon Forest Fire Updates
* Yukon Avalanche Updates
* Aurora Forecast
* Yukon Weather Forecast
* How You Can Stay Safe in Bear Country

Industry Partners

* Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon
* Yukon Avalanche Association
* Klondike Visitors Association
* Yukon Convention Bureau
* Yukon Outfitters Association