WTAY is devoted to enhancing awareness about the wilderness and adventure tourism industry.

We believe that the best way for us to do this is by developing or participating in projects that promote our dedication to ensuring the sustainable future of our land, wildlife, people and local businesses.

WTAY is always interested in new projects and welcomes any suggestions from our members, industry partners, and the public.  If you have a particular idea that you believe coincides with our mandate, please do not hesitate to contact the office at 867-668-3369 or by emailing

Below you will see a list of our current and past projects:

Wilderness Guide & Cultural Interpretation Training Program

  WTAY and the Yukon First Nations Culture & Tourism Association (YFNCT) partnered to bring wilderness tourism guide training, interpretive training, and cultural knowledge to a select group of six […]

Cold Water Immersion

In September 2012, Matthew MacIntyre died whilst canoeing on Fish Lake, after his canoe capsized. The coroner’s report noted that Mr. MacIntyre had rented a canoe from a Whitehorse based […]

Trails Only Yukon Association (TOYA)

Trails Only Yukon Association (TOYA) WTAY has been in conversations with TOYA regarding their goals surrounding ATV use. These goals are: Designated ATV trails in the Yukon wilderness ATV legislation […]

Peel Watershed Protection

Protect the Peel! Protect the Plan! Protect the Sustainable Future of a Key Component of the Yukon’s Wilderness Tourism Industry! This page will provide you with valuable information about how we are lobbying to protect one of the most environmentally rich and culturally significant areas in the world.

Commercial Wilderness Lands Policy

Unlike most other resource-based industries, wilderness tourism is without access to the land through policy or legislation as the government has failed to implement a Commercial Wilderness Lands policy. WTAY remains dedicated to making this happen!

Clean the Currents

WTAY has been looking into carrying out a clean up along the Yukon River corridor. With the help of the Whitehorse, Carmacks, and Dawson City communities we hope to eliminate […]

Sled Dog Standards of Care Workshop

Once upon a time, dog mushing was the only means of transportation and communication during the North’s harsh winters; today Yukoners—and adventuresome visitors—keep the mushing tradition alive and well. Recently, […]

Crisis Communications Binder

By its very nature, wilderness tourism brings with it a high level of risk. Is your business prepared for an unforeseen crisis? Would you know who to contact? Would you know when and how to respond?

Safety Tips for Commercial Drivers

Are you a driver for the tourism industry? Do you employ drivers or partner with drivers who use 15-person passenger vans? If so, then WTAY encourages you to read, review and put into practice the safety training techniques outlined in this PowerPoint presentation that was designed specifically for Yukon commercial drivers.