Trails Only Yukon Association (TOYA)

Trails Only Yukon Association (TOYA)

WTAY has been in conversations with TOYA regarding their goals surrounding ATV use. These goals are:

  1. Designated ATV trails in the Yukon wilderness
  2. ATV legislation
  3. Effective enforcement
  4. Education

TOYA presented WTAY with a Common Beliefs Document and asked the board if they would support the beliefs listed below:

  1. We agree that there is a legitimate place for responsible ATV use in the Yukon.
  2. We agree that there is a need for ATV legislation/regulations to protect habitat and ensure healthy wildlife populations.
  3. We agree that both education and effective enforcement are necessary to promote responsible use of ATVs.
  4. We agree that different areas require different levels of ATV management.
  5. We agree that some areas of the Yukon be designated as non-motorized zones from April 1 to Nov. 1st.
  6. We agree that legislation/regulations be proactive and endeavor to prevent damage instead of reacting after the damage is done.
  7. We agree that ATVs be registered and clearly identifiable.
  8. We agree that it is our collective responsibility to protect the legacy of wild places for present and future generations.
  9. We agree that maintaining natural places is the key to survival of future wildlife populations.
  10. We agree that ATVs should be required to travel on existing hard bottom trails in alpine and sensitive wetlands areas.

The WTAY Board of Directors considered this document and have taken a position of support for this.

WTAY will continue to work with and support TOYA in achieving their goals.

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