2011-2012 Activities and Accomplishments

Environment Committee


Lands Committee


Education Committee


Crisis Communication Workshop


Driver Training


Transport Canada Marine Training


Along with workshops such as these, WTAY will continue to explore professional development and training opportunities that we foresee benefiting wilderness tourism operators and their staff.

Marketing Committee



Representation on Non-WTAY Committees

  • Tourism Industry Association of Yukon Board of Directors
  • TIAY Senior Marketing Committee
  • Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund Review Committee
  • Yukon Tourism Training Fund Review Committee

Input / Consultation




Strategic Planning Session with Yukon College


Parks Canada

The Department of Tourism & Culture

The Department of Environment

The Department of Public Service (CDF)


WTAY is always open to partnering with other organizations.  If you would like to discuss partnering please contact the office at


With the prompt support of our membership WTAY has successfully changed our membership and fiscal year end to March 31st.  The result will be a simplified year-end for our staff, treasurer, bookkeeper and accountant.

WTAY’s main communication tool is the "Wildernews" which provides short bulletins with links to where you can get more information. Members can use this E-News to sell canoes, vans, trailers and to find employees. WTAY staff will continue to upload content on our members’ website.

The WTAY Board of Directors meets once a month, September through May. If you would like to receive meeting minutes, please contact the office.


Justine Hobbs is the WTAY Executive Director. This is a .75 time position supporting the work of the nine-member Board of Directors.  Justine is available by appointment and is happy to answer any and all question.  The office in located upstairs in the Horwood’s Mall at First Avenue and Main Street, in downtown Whitehorse.

  Your comments and questions are always welcome!


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