WTAY knows that operating, managing, and/or working for a wilderness tourism business can sometimes be difficult--so we want to help!

Below is a list of resources that we think are relevant for ensuring a safe, respectful, and exciting wilderness experience for you and your clients.  Clicking on an item will bring you to a new page with additional information.

If you know of a resource that might benefit your fellow industry members, please feel free to contact the office and we will add it to the list.

Important Information for Operators

* Wilderness Tourism Licensing Act
* Commercial Liability Insurance
* Emergency Contact List (updated May 2012)
* Backcountry Permits
* Yukon Environmental & Socio-economic Assessment Board

Information About Yukon's First Nations

* Yukon First Nations Tourism Association
* Cultural Centre Links/FN Government Links
* An Introduction to First Nations Heritage Along Yukon River

Funding Opportunities

* Yukon Tourism Training Fund
* Tourism Cooperative Marketing Fund
* Business Training Fund
* Student Training and Employment Program
* Yukon Summer Career Placement Program
* Business Incentive Program

Market Research

* Yukon Wilderness Tourism Status Report (2008)
* Peel Watershed Tourism & Recreation Report (2008)
* Wilderness Tourism Best Management Practices for Heritage Resources (2009)
* Canadian Tourism Commission Reports

Environmental Links

* Yukon Road Conditions
* Yukon Forest Fire Updates
* Yukon Water Levels
* Yukon Avalanche Updates
* Aurora Forecast
* Yukon Weather Forecast
* Yukon Wildlife and Biodiversity
* How You Can Stay Safe in Bear Country

Industry Partners

* Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon
* Yukon Avalanche Association
* Klondike Visitors Association
* Yukon Convention Bureau
* Yukon Outfitters Association